Cold Resistant Conveyor Belt

This type belt cover rubber selected by blend of NR and BR, which has the properties of high elasticity, shock resistance, cold resistance etc, it suitable for conveying materials in low temperature area of -40C.

Cold retardant cover rubber physical property.
Item Grade
Tensile Strength(Mpa) 24 18 15
Elongation at breaking(%) 450 400 350
Aging test(70,7D) Tensile stength change rate/% 25 25 25
Breaking elongation change rate/% 25 25 25
Abrasion loss/mm³ 120 100 200
Cold resistant coefficient at elongate C1 0.3
C2 0.2
Note: C1:Temperature condition is -45 ~ +50棬C2:Temperature condition is -60 ~ +50


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